Xochitl “Jasmin” Avina ( formerly Moreno) is a licensed beauty professional of 11 years and online beauty mentor, Wife, & Mother of 2 beautiful girls, Jamileth & Jaribeth.

Jasmin has always been passionate about the beauty industry & has always had an entrepreuner itch. From working for multiple jobs at once while going to school for business & communication, to finally following her intuition of turning her passion into a paycheck and going to Cosmetology school for her State License.

 Jasmin took a big leap of faith in herself and opened her own salon & also starting LASHX Lashes soon after. She has grown as an artist in the beauty industry, working with large beauty brands and breaking down barriers that most people are faced with, but choosing not to let fear win .

2020 was a big year for Jasmin from growing her family, growing her other beauty business, furthering her beauty education to 2021 with the re-launch of her own brand, Lashx Lashes initially launched in 2017. This brand came out of Jasmin's passion for the beauty industry, wanting to create luxury lashes that are not only the best quality & reusable, but attainable to those who have supported her a long the way, especially her personal makeup clients.

 Due to great success in her growing brand Jasmin, decided to rebrand and reintroduce her brand with a new name, hers. Jasmin Moreno Artistry was originally established in 2015 and is now the official name of the LASHX brand .

Jasmin’s goal is to impact lives, from other talented artists she works with during events, but youth and those who also love all things beauty. Stay close to see what more she does with her rebranding. 

“No matter what life obstacles you are faced with, you are always stronger than your circumstances, no one can define your worth, but you. Here’s to achieving your dreams in the best pair of lashes you own.”